FlexEnable Raises $11M in Series B Funding


FlexEnable, a Cambridge, UK-based leader in the development and industrialization of flexible organic electronics, raised $11M in Series B funding.

Coretronic, a major Taiwanese LCD backlight module manufacturer, has made a strategic investment alongside significant European family offices.

The initial $11M investment includes options for a further $14m and is expected to finance FlexEnable through to mass production ramp up of flexible displays and liquid crystal optical modules at Asian display manufacturing partners. The funds will also be used to scale up the company’s organic materials production capacity to meet the needs of display manufacturing partners entering volume production. 

Led by Chuck Milligan, CEO, FlexEnable has developed an organic electronics platform that comprises a complete set of manufacturing processes and FlexiOM™ organic semiconductor materials that, together, unlock the manufacture of glass-free, flexible organic LCD displays (OLCD) and liquid crystal optical films (LC Optics) in existing display fabs. This innovation allows almost any surface to display information or steer, modulate and focus light. Ultra-thin, light, flexible and even 3D conformable, OLCD and LC Optics have a US$100Bn addressable market that includes notebooks and tablets, smart home devices, AR/VR headsets, automotive, monitors and TVs.