YKC Clean Energy Technologies Raises Undisclosed Series B3 Funding

YKC Clean Energy Technologies, a Nanjing, China-based EV charging company, raised an undisclosed amount in Series B3 funding.

The round – whose amount was not disclosed – was led by OPPO with participation from CATL and NIO Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to advance several key elements, including charging scenarios, technologies for charging equipment, traffic sources and industry capital and bring them to the market.

Established in 2016, YKC Clean Energy Technologies is a provider of EV charging and energy management services. The company has built a large third-party charging IoT SaaS platform, with business spanning over 320 cities and serving more than 2,800 charging pile operators. Based on an open third-party platform cooperation ecosystem, YKC Charging provides comprehensive SaaS-based charging solutions to charging station operators, easy-to-use and efficient integrated charging management solutions to fleets and logistics providers, and scenarios-based charging-related operational and software services to government agencies and corporate customers. In October 2021, YKC established its first charging infrastructure sector fund to focus on carbon peak and carbon neutrality in concert with local governments and companies across the industry chain, intending to create a large charging network for logistics and public services while actively investing in and building storage-charging integrated charging stations.

By October 2021, the company was serving some 2,800 charging station operators while the number of directly connected charging piles topped 140,000.