XCAD Network Receives Series A Funding

XCAD Network

XCAD Network, a British Virgin Islands-based content creator tokenization platform that has YouTubers with a combined following of over 100 million, completed a Series A funding of undisclosed amount.

Jump Crypto made the investment and will be helping to build XCAD into a top asset in the space, via exchanges, partnerships, further liquidity and more.

The undisclosed investment will provide XCAD with the additional funding to scale and grow.

Jump Crypto will be adding liquidity to XCAD on current and upcoming exchanges. Extra liquidity enables bigger trades to be placed, both buys and sells, without having as much price impact.

Led by Oliver Bell, CEO and Co-Founder, XCAD Network provides an online and mobile creator tokenization platform and NFT marketplace for YouTubers and their fans, using fan tokens to increase engagement and connection between fans and creators. Its content creators have an aggregate YouTube following of over 100 million.

Jump Crypto, headquartered in Chicago, with offices worldwide and 800+ employees, is a global trading firm, active in futures, options and equities markets. The company has made similar investments in many notable projects, such as Chiliz ($CHZ) and Solana ($SOL).