Brewbike Raises $3M in Bridge Funding



Brewbike, an Austin, Texas-based startup venture empowering the next generation of leaders through entrepreneurial experience, raised $3m in its latest bridge funding round.

Backers included CEAS Investments, Connetic Ventures, Koto, Techra Investments, Chicago Booth Angel Network, Be-Cause Ventures, Westbrook Inc., Morningstar, Inc., Mansueto, and Venetia Kontogouris.

The company intends to use the funds to expand current campus and direct-to-consumer operations, as well as to continue to grow into new markets in major college campuses across the country.

Founded in 2015 by a group of Northwestern University students and led by Sierra Bloodgood, CEO, Brewbike empowers college students by giving them hands-on entrepreneurial experience, providing the necessary skills and tools needed to run a business, and giving them a seat at the table to oversee operations.

The company is now located on 11 college campuses and has plans for continued expansion to additional markets and openings throughout the 2022 academic year.