Autentica Raises Over £150K in Funding

Autentica, a Blackpool, UK-based 3d printing startup, raised over £150k in funding.

Private investors matched a £76k Innovate UK grant.

The company intends to use the funds to move from proof-of-concept to full launch by March 2022.

Led by Irma Vitoriano and George Gilbert, Autentica is a 3d printing startup that has developed a blockchain-powered, AI-based digital supply chain for spare parts facilitating the sourcing, ordering, 3D manufacturing, and distribution of genuine components to those who need them. Following three years of R&D, the company’s 3D printing marketplace will sell certified digital design files of spare parts. Servicing a wide range of sectors – including automotive, medical, and utilities, Autentica already has 156 UK-based 3D printing companies preparing to come online, and 130 parts distributors signed up across Chile, Singapore, and Angola.

To support its growth targets – which include £5m turnover by the end of 2023, Autentica plans to make 20 key hires across sales, software development, customer service, and technical support.