21st.BIO Raises €86M In Funding

21st.BIO, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based new bioindustrial scale-up company building on technology base from Novozymes, raised €86m in funding.

Novo Holdings made the investment. In conjunction with the funding, Søren Møller, Managing Partner of Novo Seeds, Novo Holdings, will join the Board of Directors.

The investment will enable the company to expand its capacity further.

Established in 2020 by Thomas Schmidt, co-founder, and CEO, 21st.BIO helps customers optimising and developing the appropriate expression platform for large-scale production of their particular molecule by testing the molecule using various expression platforms, such as fungi, yeast or bacteria. When the right expression platform has been identified, 21st.BIO draws on its comprehensive strain bank and selects and optimises the best-performing strains. This leads to an optimised production platform that enables clients to produce their product at commercially attractive costs and quantities.

The technology platform of 21st.BIO originates from selected parts of Novozymes platform, which has been developed and perfected over the past 40+ years. The focus areas of the company include producing proteins and peptides that can be utilized for the food, materials and agricultural industries.  

21st.BIO currently operates in Denmark and California.