Sofinnova Partners Raises €150M for Its Third Industrial Biotech Fund


Sofinnova Partners, a life sciences venture capital firm based in Paris, London and Milan, raised €150m for its third Industrial Biotech Fund.

Sofinnova Industrial Biotech II, which brought the firm’s total assets under management to €2.5 billion across its platform of investment strategies, is part of the venture capital firm’s pioneering sustainability strategy initiated over a decade ago with the launch of the Sofinnova Green Seed Fund.

Led by Joško Bobanović, Partner, the fund will continue to finance early-stage companies harnessing biotechnology to develop sustainable solutions across the food, agriculture, chemical and materials sectors.

The current portfolio includes companies developing bio-based crop protection solutions (Biotalys, Micropep Technologies), upcycling agricultural waste into chemicals, food or feed ingredients (Afyren, Comet Bio), using fermentation to develop food ingredients (DMC Biotechnologies, Protera, Biosyntia, Microphyt) or biologically producing new chemicals and materials (DNA Script, EnginZyme).