Origyn Foundation Raises $20M in Funding

Origyn Foundation, a Neuchâtel, Switzerland-based nonprofit dedicated to identifying, authenticating and unlocking the powers of ownership for objects of value, raised $20m in funding.

Backers included Bill Ackman’s Table Management, Polychain Capital, Paris Hilton, Coinko, Vectr Ventures, Carter Reum, Div Turakhia, GD10 Ventures and more.

Ahead of the foundation’s public token release, this private round now values Orygin at $300m. 

The strategic raise will launch Origyn Foundation’s verticals to market in the art, collectibles, digital media and luxury sectors, as well as onboard new industry partners and contribute to authentication R&D.  

Founded in October of 2020 by Gian Bochsler, Vincent Perriard and Mike Schwartz, as well as by CEO Daniel Haudenschild, Origyn uses intelligent technologies, including computer vision and artificial intelligence, on decentralized computing to identify, authenticate and unlock the powers of ownership for objects of value.

The company currently operates the following industry verticals: 

  • ORIGYN Art is an exclusive community for the fine art market on the blockchain. This vertical establishes a connection between physical works of art and NFT certificates to create a marketplace experience for creators, industry professionals, collectors and enthusiasts.
  • ORIGYN Collectibles is a platform designed to empower individuals with shared passions to buy, sell, trade and experience collectors’ items. This vertical rewards and celebrates creativity by tokenizing certificates of ownership that verify the uniqueness and authenticity of physical collectibles. 
  • ORIGYN Digital Media is a comprehensive ecosystem built for media creators of all types to activate their social capital. This vertical provides tooling for all forms of experiential content, artifacts and marketplaces for the world’s most creative icons and their fans. 
  • ORIGYN Luxury is a digital certification solution guaranteed to prove authenticity using a luxury object’s own biometric features. These digital certificates increase trust between companies and their clients with a paperless solution, guaranteed by ORIGYN, which facilitates the resale of the object.