Inversion Raises $10M in Seed Funding

Inversion’s Co-Founders, CEO Justin Fiaschetti (left) and CTO Austin Briggs (right)

Inversion, a Torrance, CA-based startup building return capability for the commercial and defense space industries, raised $10M in Seed funding.

The round was led by led by Spark Capital with participation from Y Combinator, Embedded Ventures, Funders Club, Liquid 2 Ventures and angel investors including Kyle Vogt of Cruise and David Hodge.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate development of its space capsules and further drive its go-to-market capabilities beyond the blistering pace it has already established.

Co-Founded by CEO Justin Fiaschetti and CTO Austin Briggs, Inversion is building space return capabilities solutions with its low-cost “Arc” space capsules, which are 4 feet in diameter and return cargo to Earth. The company is also working to develop and test Arc’s systems on a smaller capsule named Ray, a test bed to quickly iterate Arc’s systems through real-world testing. Inversion is on track for Ray’s first mission, scheduled to launch and return in 2023.