Hightouch Raises $40M in Series B Funding; Valued at $450M

Hightouch co-founders Josh Curl (left), Kashish Gupta (center), and Tejas Manohar (right)

Hightouch, a San Francisco, CA-based Reverse ETL software company, raised $40m in Series B financing at a $450M valuation.

The round, which increased its total funding to $54.2m, was led by Iconiq Growth (early backers of Snowflake) with participation from Amplify, Bain, YC, and Afore, as well as angel investors Barr Moses (founder of Monte Carlo), Gene Lee (founder of Ramp), Maxime Beauchemin (the original creator of Airflow), and Alex Pall (The Chainsmokers).

The company intends to use the funds to expand their investment in product and engineering and further improve the core developer experience.

Co-founded by Josh Curl, Kashish Gupta, and Tejas Manohar, Hightouch provides a Reverse ETL platform, which syncs data from data warehouses to various SaaS tools. This enables every business team—sales, marketing, support, success— to get real-time customer data in the software they use to talk to customers including CRM, email, and support platforms.

In the past few months, the company released their second product, Hightouch Audiences, which lets anyone define what data they need in their tools, regardless of whether they know SQL or not. With Hightouch Audiences, marketers can self-serve data for their campaigns. Public companies like Autotrader, the largest car marketplace in the UK, use Audiences to send data to ad networks and email tools for hyper-personalization, faster experimentation, and increased customer conversion.

The company currently serves hundreds of customers, including Fortune 500 companies, B2C brands like Betterment, EyeByeDirect, Imperfect Foods, Autotrader, and Nando’s, as well as B2B companies like Plaid, Ramp, CircleCI, Lucidchart, and SurveyMonkey. It also partners with Snowflake, Amplitude, Outreach, dbt, Fivetran, and Snowplow.