FlipOS Receives $136M in Series B Funding


Stoa USA Inc., a Phoenix, Ariz.-based Business to-Business (B2B) iBuyer and creator of FlipOS, a platform designed for individual real estate investors and institutional buyers who want to outsource their business’s asset scouting and renovation functions, received $136m in Series B funding.

The round included:

  • a $36m equity investment from Zeev Ventures, and
  • a $100m securitization deal led by Cantor Fitzgerald.

The company intends to use the funds to hire talent, expand into new U.S. locations, and further establish FlipOS as a marketplace leader.

Led by Tom Sella, Co-Founder and President, and Or Agassi, chief executive officer, Stoa provides FlipOS, a platform designed to help real estate investors buy, renovate and sell homes efficiently. It finances the projects, scopes the renovations, and warehouses the properties for a buyer, and also ensures assets are renovated to exact, high-quality, fit-for-purpose homes, known as “Good Homes®.

The company recorded over $20m in revenue since the company’s launch at the beginning of 2021.