Autotalks Raises $10M in Funding

Autotalks, a Kfar-Netter, Israel-based V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions provider, raised $10m in funding.

Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT), a subsidiary of Foxconn (Hon Hai Technology Group), a large electronics manufacturer, invested in Autotalks following strategic collaboration agreement.

The two companies will partner to accelerate V2X penetration across automotive and micro-mobility segments, leveraging Autotalks’ automotive V2X technology, and its recently launched ZooZ micro-mobility platform. The joint micro-mobility activity will start this year, and the automotive activity will start early next year.

Led by Hagai Zyss, CEO, Autotalks is a V2X chipset market leader, which helps reduce collisions on roadways and improve mobility with its automotive qualified chipsets. The company’s chipsets offer an advanced, secure and high performing global V2X communication solution designed for autonomous vehicles. Its advanced technology, to be mass deployed in the coming years, complements the information coming from other sensors, specifically in non-line-of-sight scenarios, rough weather, or poor lighting conditions. It improves overall road safety, effectively coordinating vehicles, self-driving cars, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

V2X (Vehicle to Everything) allows direct communication between vehicles and all other road users, without using the cellular network. Each unit transmits ten times per second its location, speed, and heading. Each unit receives messages from other road users, analyzes those locally, and detects a risk if exists. Since the safety is based on wireless communication, it operates even when there is no line-of-sight. The communication is range is more than 300 meter in cities and more than 1 kilometer on highways.