Where to Exchange ALGO to LTC?


Do you have ALGO tokens but want to trade them for LTC? Many platforms are facilitating such exchanges. We guide you on how to exchange ALGO to LTC –find out below!

What is ALGO?

ALGO is a digital coin operating on the Algorand blockchain. Like other FIAT currencies, ALGO is profitable for investors yet volatile. Many crypto investors are slowly embracing this altcoin –you need an Algorand wallet to hold these tokens. 

Your account should have at least one ALGO token before trading. Investors can get ALGO tokens by swapping other digital assets on crypto exchanges. 

What is LTC?

LTC is used to abbreviate the digital token, Litecoin. It refers to a silver token initially stated as Bitcoin’s competitor –its inception was linked to Bitcoin following the branding ‘lite version of Bitcoin’ by Charlie Lee. As a result, most people refer to this token as Bitcoin lite. 

It takes less than three minutes to mine Litecoin and add more tokens to its blockchain. This increases the speed at which LTC transactions are done, making it inexpensive.

LTC ranks 9th among the top ten cryptocurrencies as per the market capitalization. Litecoin is as volatile as other cryptocurrencies. The unique feature about Litecoin is that they have a fixed volume –at no point will there be more than 84 million Litecoins in circulation. 

Where to exchange ALGO to LTC

Crypto experts suggest that there is a significant relationship between Litecoin and Algorand tokens. It means that any slight shift in price similarly affects both assets. 

Several crypto anonymous exchange sites offer swapping of ALGO for Litecoin. First, you should explore your options and choose a good platform to carry out the transaction. Note that different exchanges require investors to create an account before using the platform. 

How to exchange ALGO to LTC

If you want to exchange Algorand for Litecoin, here successfully is how you can go about it:

  • Choose an exchange site that you are comfortable with its terms and conditions. The platform should be credible.
  • Visit the website and look over the available pairs, then select ALGO to LTC.
  • Enter the amount of ALGO tokens you want to swap
  • Decide if you want to swap under a flexible exchange rate or a fixed one.
  • Most exchanges will generate different deals where you can choose one that seems profitable.
  • Submit the address of your receiving wallet.
  • Check and verify if the tokens you entered are correct.
  • Wait for the exchange to complete, and you will receive LTC tokens depending on the conversion rate. It would take approximately 15 minutes for the conversion to be successful but could vary depending on a site’s activity at the time of the transaction. Traders will incur a transaction rate based on the exchange platform.

If you have never used any crypto swap service, it will be best to do a trial transaction to find out how it works. Also, be sure to check your trading addresses before validating a transaction because you could easily lose your tokens to the wrong recipients. And if ever you don’t know how to trade or use the service, you can always consult the site’s support team for guidance.