ScienceIO Raises $8M in Seed Funding


ScienceIO, a Boston, MA-based data science company focused on healthcare, emerged from stealth with $8m in seed funding.

Backers included Section 32, Sea Lane Ventures and investors and entrepreneurs like Lachy Groom and Josh Buckley. Additional investors include Quiet Capital, Jeff Silverstein, Dorm Room Fund, Toba Capital, Swell Partners, Neal Khosla, Oliver Cameron, Jude Gomila, Packy McCormick, Turner Novak, Ankur Nagpal, Harry Hurst, Jack Altman, Austin Rief, Scott Belsky, Todd and Rahul’s Angel Fund and Earl Grey Capital.

The company will use the funding to:

  • continue expanding its machine learning repositories and healthcare AI capabilities, upgrading its NLP capabilities and advancing programs with key healthcare systems,
  • grow its engineering, product and commercial teams, and
  • launch an API early access program for developers.

Led by CEO Will Manidis, Thiel Fellow and former managing partner of Dorm Room Fund, and President and COO Gaurav Kaushik, PhD, former lead of real world data products at Foundation Medicine, ScienceIO uses AI to help healthcare providers and payors organize large amounts of patient data, improve workflows and deliver patient outcomes.

The company’s AI-powered technology turns this unstructured data into usable information for professionals across the U.S. healthcare system without compromising patient privacy. By using contextual cues to identify and link biomedical terms to larger concepts, a single line of code can discern every medical procedure, condition, therapy, biomarker and more.

Additionally, ScienceIO has hired Chuck Smolky as its first chief commercial officer. A former vice president of both Optum and Aetna and senior vice president at Health Fidelity, Smolky has experience delivering multi-million dollar revenue increases for companies navigating a complex, evolving healthcare market. He will lead ScienceIO’s commercial strategy, driving customer digital transformation enablement at the payor-provider interface.