ProFuse Technology Raises $1.25M in Funding

ProFuse Technology, a Kiryat Shmona, Israel-based food tech startup, raised $1.25M in funding.

ProFuse Technology was established by Fresh Start FoodTech in the north of Israel, is supported by The Israeli Innovation Authority, and is operated by the Tnuva, Tempo, OurCrowd’s investment platform and global Agrifood VC Finistere Ventures.

ProFuse developed novel technology that reduces production time and enhances the production capacity of cultured meat by accelerating muscle fiber growth. The company’s solutions and additives reduce the number of required production cycles, enhance the meat production in each cycle, improve the quality of the muscle fibers, and increase protein content.

The company’s technology is based on a 6-year research conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science, which was led by Professor Eldad Tzahor, an expert in developmental biology and cell regeneration, Dr. Ori Avinoam, who specializes in cell fusion and tissue forming, and Dr. Tamar Eigler, an expert in stem cell biology. ProFuse has initiated its operations in June 2021 under the leadership of Dr. Tamar Eigler Hirsch (CTO) and Mr. Guy N. Michrowski (CEO).