BeeHero Raises $19M in Series A Funding

BeeHero, a Palo Alto, CA-based Precision Pollination company, raised $19M in Series A financing.

The round included:

  • $15M in capital from ADM Capital, Rabo Food and Agri Innovation Fund, iAngels, Firstime, J-Ventures, UpWest, Entrée Capital, Good Company, STB Holdings, the Arison Group, Gaingels, as well as
  • $4M in grants from the European Commission, the BIRD Foundation, and the Israel Innovation Authority.

New plans include ramping up the company’s services for major food growing operations.

Powered by advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and low-cost IoT sensors, BeeHero’s platform facilitates optimal crop pollination by offering white-glove Precision-Pollination-as-a-Service that achieves better crop yields and profits while addressing the health and welfare of pollinators.

Led by Omer Davidi, CEO, the company has established long-term partnerships with seed producers, commercial beekeepers, and multinational food and agri-business companies by creating a large database of bee and pollination data. BeeHero is also working with the renowned World Bee Project to generate evidence-based research data into the health of bees and their relationship with local environments. Concurrently, Dr. Huw Evans, Head of BeeHero’s Innovation team, is researching methods to remotely detect and alert about an Asian Giant Hornet (AGH) attack on a beehive.