50% of Traders Lose Their Deposit on their First Day of Trading

It’s A common scenario: Prospective traders are overzealous about their first trades and lose their entire deposit – especially when it comes to financial all-or-nothing instruments like binary options. As many young traders start in order to generate a source of income, such an impressive loss can be quite frustrating.

It’s important for soon-to-be traders to be aware of that risk – not to make them get nervous about their first investment, but in order to make them realize that having watched a handful of trading videos on YouTube hasn´t automatically turned them into experienced traders. If they’re aware of how common it is to lose quite a bit of money before the first profits will come, they can prepare themselves better for their first day of trading.

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How to Get Prepared for Successful Online Trading

Before one even thinks about actually investing money on the exchange market, it’s crucial to gather as much information as possible. In order to understand economic and political correlations and their impact on the exchange, it can be advisable to read newspapers and news websites on the internet. The more you know about the market itself, the easier it becomes to understand what the single players in it – like companies – are doing.

Learn About Your Asset

No matter what kind of asset you´d like to invest in: You do need to know exactly where and how that asset is traded. Some young traders don’t even know that there is a difference between assets like stocks, foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies and derivatives. But knowing the difference is essential in order to choose the most suitable type of investment. The best way to find out more about how the different types on investments work is visiting websites that have specialized on specific ones – binaryoptions.com is a great example for how those websites should be set up:

Make sure to only study websites that really offer valuable content and interesting information. It’s a big plus if they post reviews on online brokers as well, because that will make the choice of the perfect one easier. You should be an expert on your asset or financial instruments before you invest money. Because, if you are, you´ll be aware of the potential risks and might be able to reduce it.

Work on Your Mindset

Being aware of risks doesn´t mean that you should lose trust in your ability to succeed. Money mindset is the keyword in this context: Your money mindset consists of your individual beliefs, goals and attitude. It helps you get structure in your funds, savings and expenses. Being aware of what your goals are and how you think you´ll achieve them makes it easier to get started with trading.

Once you start, you´ll need a lot of discipline. Many prospective traders believe that generating an income from assets will automatically culminate in living on a passive source of income. Even though it is possible to create a source of income, it does require discipline, patience and time – particularly at the beginning of your trading journey.

Learn About Trading Strategies

Following the thread is crucial when it comes to trading – particularly so if you plan on being a day trader who administers various trades within a single market day. Making individual decisions that are based on your gut feeling can lead to a chaotic outcome, as it´s time-consuming and misleading.

Instead, figure out which trading strategy suits you and your trading goals best. While some traders use a news strategy by following the news in order to make decisions, others prefer trend-tracking or trend reversal. Swing trading is a strategy that works well for beginners – no matter if they buy assets or if they invest in binary options: Swing lows and swing highs within a typical price corridor of a specific underlying asset can tell the trader when to buy or when to sell. Beginners should always practice their strategy in a demo account first.