Prive Raises $1.7M in Pre-Seed Funding

Co-founders Alex Craciun and Claudia Laurie
Co-founders Alex Craciun and Claudia Laurie

Prive, a San Francisco, CA-based eCommerce subscriptions platform, raised $1.7M in pre-seed financing.

The round was led by Xfund and Bling Capital, with participation from Defy Partners, Halogen Ventures, Base Case Capital, and current senior Uber executives.

Founded by ex-Uber product managers Alex Craciun and Claudia Laurie, Prive provides a configurable and intelligent subscriptions platform for D2C brands. It allows them to set up configurable subscriptions (such as the ability to enable variable cadences, product swaps, and offers), alongside personalized incentives and actionable analytics.

Customers are breakout digitally native eCommerce businesses from a wide range of verticals such as food and beverage, fashion and apparel, and beauty such as Margaux and Verishop.