Loft Labs Raises $4.6M in Seed Funding

Loft Labs, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of a solution which enables platform teams in large enterprises to give engineers self-service access to Kubernetes, raised $4.6m in seed funding.

The round was led by Fusion Fund, with participation from RTP Seed, Emergent Ventures, Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, as well as angel investor and Puppet CTO Abby Kearns, who recently joined the company’s advisory board.

Led by Lukas Gentele, CEO, and Fabian Kramm, CTO, Loft Labs is the creator of several open-source projects in the cloud-native technology space, including the Kubernetes developer tool DevSpace, the certified Kubernetes distribution vcluster, and the policy engine jsPolicy.

The company’s commercial product, Loft, enables any organization to scale self-service access to Kubernetes to hundreds or even thousands of engineers. Customers span from startups Gusto, Urbint, and HqO to established Fortune 500 companies that include one of the largest U.S. financial institutions and one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.