Cynamics Raises $7M in Funding

Cynamics Logo

Cynamics, an Israeli AI-driven Next Generation (NG) Network Detection and Response (NDR) startup, raised $7m in funding.

The round was led by Marius Nacht, Checkpoint Software Technologies co-founder and one of Israel’s leading serial entrepreneurs, tech founders and investors, with participation from Colibri Technologies and Fantail Ventures.

The company is establishing a new headquarters in Boston, which will lead expansion in the U.S. and serve over 80 North American customers to date.

Led by Eyal Elyashiv, co-founder and CEO, Cynamics developed a cybersecurity solution based on network samples. It collects small network samples (less than 1%) from the main network gateways and uses unique patented AI technology to infer how the full network (100%) behaves and to predict attacks and threats long before they hit. Once a threat is predicted, the customer gets a complete attack story based on auto-drill-down from the gateways through the network assets down to specific compromised endpoints. The solution triggers instantaneous action, enabling immediate and automatic mitigation.

The company has over 80 customers in the U.S. and Canada, including hospitals, cities and local authorities, security agencies, public safety agencies and ISPs.