Aviva Technology Raises $26.5M in Series A Financing

Aviva Technology

Aviva Technology, a San Jose, Calif.-based automotive in-vehicle connectivity company, raised $26.5m in Series A funding.

The round, which brought the total amount raised to over $33m, was led by Dr. Sehat Sutardja and Weili Dai (Founders of Marvell Technology Group) and other prominent semiconductor industry investors.

Aviva Links, Aviva Technology’s subsidiary, intends to use the funds to speed product development and expand sales and marketing efforts.

Led by David Young, co-founder and CEO, and Kamal Dalmia, co-founder and COO, Aviva Links is building secured in-vehicle connectivity integrated circuits (IC) solutions that can move vast amounts of data at multi-gigabit speeds while meeting the performance, power, security and cost requirements of the market.