Agile Robots Closes US$220M Series C Financing

Agile Robots

Agile Robots, a Munich, Germany and Beijing, China-based intelligent robotics company, completed a Series C financing with a total investment of US$220m.

The round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, followed by financial investors including but not limited to Chimera Investments under Abu Dhabi Royal Group, GL Ventures, Sequoia China and Linear Capital (in alphabetical order), and strategic investors including Xiaomi Group, Foxconn Industrial Internet, and Midas.

The proceedings from this round will be mainly used for the company’s product development, mass production and global sales business expansion.

Founded in 2018 and led by Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, Agile Robots is a robotics software platform company. With German Aerospace Centre (“DLR”) as its technical backbone and the core concept of “artificial intelligence empowerment”, the company has developed and launched software and hardware products such as its operating system AgileCore for the coordination of robots and accessories such as end effectors from different manufactures, its smart force-controlled robot DIANA, its medical robots, humanoid dexterous five-finger hands, and its flexible intelligent platform (FIP). With its hardware and software R&D capabilities, Agile Robots has launched its “robotic worker” that serves as smart assistant to all kinds of workers and professionals from different fields to take over mundane or dangerous tasks. The products have been put into mass production, achieved large-scale applications in medical, industrial (consumer electronics, automotive, jewelry and other precision assembly and manufacturing scenarios), agricultural, education and service fields.

Agile Robots is currently expanding the market globally in particular for the Chinese Market,