5 Reasons Why Successful Business Owners Use Flyers


Creating and handing out flyers has been a time-tested marketing tool ever since the early days of commerce. While advertising has evolved to cater to the digital marketplace, flyers are still a big part of most businesses’ advertising arsenal. It’s just as powerful now as it was when it was first created.

This marketing tool is incredibly useful when businesses want to promote new items, must-avail services, product information, business location, and eye-popping fire sales. Its effectiveness to attract potential customers is very high while the cost of production is low. 

At this age, creating a promotional flyer has never been easier! Sometimes all it takes is a good flyer maker app, a few simple clicks, and you are done. Ready to send professional-looking ads in emails, posted on your social media accounts, or printed and primed for some old fashion “outdoor handouts.”

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why successful businesses still use flyers. 

  1. It’s Just So Easy Now

Just years ago, creating professional-looking flyers wasn’t the easiest thing to do. You need a certain amount of skill when it comes to designing. Plus, some talent when it comes to creating powerful headlines. Luckily for businesses everywhere, that is not the case anymore in today’s modern age.

Nowadays, there are online flyer makers that will do the job for you. As stated above, some of them produce fantastic output with just a few clicks of your mouse. Easily churn out ads after ads without so much as a sweat. 

Of course, look for services that have tons of content, templates, high-resolution designs, a good user-friendly interface, and great support. Find the right one and you won’t be disappointed. 

You might also need a cheap flyer printing option. This way you can go from design quickly to printing tons and tons of content in no time!

On this note…

  • It Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg!

Despite making it more convenient and easier for users, signing up and using an online flyer maker like Venngage will also keep your costs down. 

How? It’s pretty simple.

Getting professional design services will typically do a good job of making great effective designs, but it normally comes at a pretty steep cost. You also have the option to get an in-house designer. But a full-time employee can get expensive too. 

So you might be better off exploring the first option if you are budget conscious. It automates a lot of the work involved in designing that is why it is faster, more versatile, and will ultimately be cheaper when it comes to value.

  • Effectivity You Can Track

In today’s highly digital world, companies are so intent on tracking marketing data. I mean, every self-respecting business would love to find out if their marketing investment is well worth the sales that it generates.

This is where advertisement flyers really put on the shine. Whether on print or digital, businesses can put coupon codes and stubs, QR codes that link to their stores, contest and promotional tickets, etc. 

This will make it easier for businesses to track performance so they can adjust accordingly or find out what makes their customers tick.

  • It Is a “Do-it-all” Marketing Tool

A promo flyer is a very powerful all-around marketing tool. If your business has a message or a target, rest assured that it can relay it effectively to your audience.

Announcing your store’s grand opening? Yes! Need to unveil a new and hot product? Yup! Need to send an effective PR message to your customers? Need to create more brand awareness? Need to promote an upcoming huge storewide sale? Want to create some buzz for your new event?

Yes, yes, and yes! This amazing marketing tool is the right man for the job!

  • Slide it Everywhere!

Want to know another great thing about flyers? It’s the understated fact that you can slip it in just about anywhere! The customizable size can easily be slipped inside magazine and newspaper pages, inside mailboxes, car windshields fit in pockets, slide under doors, stick on lamp posts, slipped inside your product’s packaging, etc.

Really, I can go on and on.

It also comes in all shapes and sizes making it easier for your business to target the audience you want.

  • Time to fly

If your business isn’t into creating flyers yet, now is the best time to get your head around it. With the proper service, creating professional-looking designs that are effective has never been easier. The multiple promotional uses are a bounty for serious marketers, and the various ways these can be distributed should sway any business to start thinking about flyering.

It’s definitely smart money for any marketing strategy. So make your own flyer now!