CertiK Raises $24M in Series B+ Funding


CertiK, a NYC-based blockchain security company, raised $24m in Series B+ funding.

The round, which was led by Tiger Global and GL Ventures, complements the launch of Skynet Premium and follows the $37M Series B announced in July, which brought on Coatue Management, Shunwei Capital, and Coinbase Ventures.

CertiK provides a blockchain platform which allows users to build mission-critical applications with security and correctness. Skynet Premium is an active-monitoring platform, enabling real-time alerts on live smart contracts that have already been deployed.

Skynet Premium runs 24/7, automatically scanning all client repositories and smart contracts against its continuously expanding library of threat definitions. Utilizing a vast set of on-chain and off-chain signals – including social sentiment, privileged governance controls, market volatility, and suspicious transaction data – the platform provides a publicly available feed of security scores for each project on the Security Leaderboard. The Premium platform includes an analytics dashboard which enables enterprise clients to monitor and manage their risk in real-time.

CertiK has collectively served over 1300 enterprise clients, protected over $90 billion worth of digital assets, and detected over 23,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code.