B2Broker Group Launches $5M USD Venture Capital Fund

B2Broker Group

B2Broker Group, a Moscow, Russia-based provider of liquidity and technology solutions for the forex and crypto industry, launched its venture fund, B2Broker VC. 

B2Broker VC will enable investment in, and nurture of external projects that are of interest such as new fintech startups and payment systems, and will create synergies for the group.

Back in 2017, like many other tech industry giants, B2Broker Group started working on its own internal corporate venture fund. This was focused on the development of a number of specific projects. The fund now includes a number of projects in which the company has invested (over $15m so far).

In particular, the firm launched B2BinPay in 2017, a payment system, B2BX, a platform for the trading of digital assets which is licenced in the EU, Eqwire, a digital banking service, and B2Prime, which is an integrated liquidity provider with licences in different jurisdictions, including Europe and CIS. With the experience acquired on these internal projects and the business-processes that have been developed, B2Broker VC has also started investing in external projects including Coinsbuy, a project designed to cater for the demand for buying crypto using a credit or debit card.

Throughout this process, B2Broker VC identified the most interesting sectors such as fintech, IT development and automation, as well as startups offering products for the brokerage market.