Tulipshare Launches With $1M in Pre-Seed


Tulipshare, a London, UK-based activist investment platform, is launching in the UK in July 2021, with $1M in pre-seed funding raised to date.

Backers in the company included Speedinvest and high profile business angels.

Led by Founder and CEO Antoine Argouges, Tulipshare provides an activist investment platform that enables people to invest as little as £1 and own a small piece of the world’s most influential companies, trading on the United States stock exchange.

The platform lists these businesses through curated socially responsible campaigns on issues that have long been demanded, but where no change has been made. The first causes include workers’ rights at Amazon, a focus on Coca-Cola’s contribution to climate change in the company’s plastic consumption, and right to repair issues at Apple. New causes will regularly be added for budding activists to begin fighting for change via the purchasing of shares. 

The platform has already been regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority since April 2021 and is looking to expand to the US market.