Natel Energy Raises $20M in Series B Funding

Natel Energy, an Alameda, Calif.-based supplier of sustainable hydropower solutions, raised $20MĀ in funding.

The round was led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures with participation from Chevron Technology Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to scale deployments of the Restoration Hydro Turbine, HydroForecast and Lens through direct sales as well as through developing a targeted portfolio of Restoration Hydro projects to accelerate the supply of sustainable distributed hydropower projects in the U.S. andĀ Europe.

Led by Gia Schneider, CEO and co-founder, Natel Energy provides the Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT), which enables cost-effective production of distributed reliable renewable energy, while supporting the health and climate resilience of watershed ecosystems. The Restoration Hydro Turbine is a compact propeller-style turbine with specially designed blades that allow fish to pass safely. The RHT has a compact footprint and is suitable for upgrading or repowering existing small hydro plants with high-performance fish safe turbines; for adding a new generation to existing non-power dams; and for new hydro development through Natel’s Restoration Hydro design approach.Ā 

Natel’s other solutions include:

  • Upstream Tech HydroForecast, which enables more accurate forecasts of water flow, helping optimize power production from both RHT and conventional hydro projects; and
  • the Lens solution, which delivers scalable monitoring of landscape change across large project areas to deliver effective natural resource management.