MOBILion Systems Raises $60M in Series C Funding


MOBILion System, Inc., a Chadds Fords, PA-based provider of high-resolution instrumentation for biomarker discovery, raised $60M in Series C funding.

The round was led by D1 Capital Partners with participation from aMoon, Agilent Technologies, IP Group, Hostplus and Cultivation Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to scale the commercialization of MOBIE®, and advance product development for expansion into bioprocessing and multiomic biomarker discovery markets.

Led by Dr. Melissa Sherman, MOBILion Systems provides high-resolution, high-throughput analysis solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and clinical researchers to enable earlier disease detection, improve diagnostic accuracy and to accelerate drug development with characterization of more complex biologic therapeutics. The funding follows the recent launch of MOBILion’s first commercial HighResolution Ion Mobility (HRIM) product, MOBIE®, which addresses characterization challenges faced during biopharmaceutical drug development and quality monitoring.