Hightouch Raises $12.1M in Series A Funding

Reverse ETL - hightouch
Reverse ETL – source hightouch website

Hightouch, a San Francisco, CA-based Reverse ETL software company, raised $12.1m in Series A financing.

The round was led by Amplify Partners, with participation from new investor Bain Capital Ventures and returning investors Y Combinator and Afore Capital, as well as angel investors such as the founders and CEOs of companies like Datadog, Clearbit, Okta, Segment, Materialize, Pendo, and mParticle.

The company intends to use the funds for product development and innovations that will empower less technical business teams to leverages data in the tools they use every day.

Led by Kashish Gupta, co-founder, Hightouch provides a reverse ETL platform, which syncs data from a data warehouse to various SaaS tools. This enables every business team, sales, marketing, support, success, to get access to relevant, real-time customer data in the software they use to talk to customers including CRM, email, and support platforms. It syncs customer data from the data warehouse to various SaaS tools that modern companies use to run their business and communicate with customers, such as CRM, email automation, and customer support tools.

This year, Hightouch has partnered with B2C brands like Autotrader, Nando’s, and Imperfect Foods, as well as B2B companies like Plaid, Lucidchart, Retool, and Blend.