Arena Raises $5.2M in Funding

Arena Innovation Corp., a San Francisco, CA-based connected fitness company, secured $5.2M in seed financing.

Backers included Courtside Ventures, Powerhouse Capital, and Wellness Holding, the investment office of the founders of Technogym, as well as angel investors Equinox Group co-founder Lavinia Errico, Anthony and Joe Vennare of Fitt Insider, New York Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios, and Russ Angold, co-founder and former CTO of Ekso Bionics.

The company intends to use the funds to launch its premier product aimed at advancing strength training.

Led by co-founder and CEO Dr. Krisna Bhargava, Arena provides a portable robotic device for dynamic resistance training. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the platform weighs approximately 60 pounds but is capable of generating more than 200 pounds of resistance. Users can control the resistance and take workout classes via the smartphone app, training their body with hundreds of exercise movements.

The company maintains its headquarters and engineering laboratory in San Francisco, CA and is constructing a demonstration training facility in New York City, New York.