5 Successful Tech Startups To Watch in 2021

Stylish man using smartphone in startup office

The last 18 months were very difficult for businesses since the majority of them shut down due to the pandemic. However, some tech startups have been thriving and will continue to expand given their capabilities to bring disruption in the way we live and work, in every sector.

This article descripts five among the most successful tech startups to follow in 2021.

5. AirGarage

This tech startup was found in 2018. The tech startup was created to combat a common problem, which was finding a better way to pay for parking at a university where the parking prices are very high. The solution was to build a platform that has physical spaces that are for different businesses, churches, and hotels. It will assist with payment collection, customer support, visitor directory, and lot enforcement. The company was founded by three Arizona State University students. The students were Jonathan Barkl, Scott Fitsimones, and Chelsea Border. The company is responsible for handing all of the logistics that go into customers using parking lot and garages to park their vehicles. The company has a mobile application that customers can use.

4. Calm

Calm is a tech startup that appeals to those wanting to meditate, relax, and sleep better during the busy day to day life. The company’s app has over 100 million downloads and rave reviews. Some programminggeeks have praised the app for the meditation skills that they learned to use to calm themselves during times of anxiety and stress in their highly demand roles of being programmers for tech companies. daily. The main reason for Calm’s success in 2020 was because they partnered with Kaiser Permanente to help customers deal with the anxiety and mental toll. The company was able to tap into the mental health sector with offering the apps for distressed people whom were in need of mental calamity in their lives during a devastating pandemic.

3. Allbirds

Allbirds was created as the anti-plastic tech startup that deals with creating running shoes. Unlike most other shoes companies that rely on plastics, Allbirds build their shoes from natural materials. The shoes use merino wool and eucalyptus fibers. This startup was successful because it appeals to the average person dashing to the grocery store in the morning.

2. Bloomscape

Bloomscape is a tech startup that is very eco-friendly with the relationship between humans and plants. The plants that Bloomscape helps with delivering to customers are healthy. Plants have been shown to boost mood, productivity, concentration, and reduce stress. During the pandemic, plants were often useful at calming down the anxiety and stress that customers feel during the uncertain times. This is the reason why Bloomscape was successful in 2020.

  1. Doordash

Doordash is a tech startup that connects local businesses with restaurants to deliver food to customers. During the pandemic, the company adapted to customers. They achieve this by using contactless delivery. Contactless delivery is where the customer and delivery drivers don’t interact with each other face to face. As a result, the company offered thousands of gloves and hand sanitizer to their delivery drivers. The company became the fastest growing food delivery service during the early months of the pandemic.