YourBase Raises $5M in Funding


YourBase, a Redmond WA-based provider of software testing acceleration solutions, raised $5M in funding.

The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Unusual Ventures and Fathom Capital.

This investment will allow the company to grow and expand in the market.

Led by Yves Junqueira, CEO and co-founder, YourBase offers software testing acceleration built on a “Code Dependency Graph” that automates the test selection process for large, complex codebases. Developers don’t have to replace their CI, build system, or version control and YourBase integrates popular tools developers already use. In addition, there is no need to share the company IP with the solution working in the cloud,  on-premise or offline.

YourBase Test Acceleration lets developers trace decisions to skip or run tests. Developers can run it in Observation Mode to build trust that it does what is expected and to maintain a simple development process. The solution infers dependencies automatically, so developers don’t have to manually specify them.