Vässla Raises $11M in Funding

Vässla, a Swedish micro mobility startup, raised $11m in funding.

The round was led by Skabholmen Invest, which will be joining the Vässla board of directors, with participation from Magnus Wiberg and Patrik Hedelin who founded the growth capital firm eEquity.

The company intends to use the funds to launch its club rental platform with its new e-bikes.

Founded in Sweden, in 2017 by Rickard Bröms who partnered with CTO German engineer and inventor Prof. Uwe Hager, Vässla is an e-scooter manufacturer with vehicles sold in the Nordics, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Vässla Bikes have a 250 – 450W rear hub motor, a maximum speed of 20-25 km/h, a battery range of 40km, and a total weight of 21.5kg excluding the portable battery, which weighs 3.5kg and they designed themselves.

The company is also launching a club rental platform, a tailor-made micro mobility solution creating a mobility experience for people, delivery drivers, and businesses. This will be  provided via the Vässla Club sharing app, which has fleet management capabilities, and users can gain access to Vässla bikes. The platform will have three separate offerings including:

  • Vässla Club for People: A monthly subscription service for end users
  • Vässla Club for Delivery: A weekly subscription service for delivery drivers
  • Vässla Club for Enterprises: Hourly rental service for hotels, resorts, campsites etc.

The company recently released Vässla Bike in Scandinavia, with pilot schemes planned for several major European cities including Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, and Madrid and plans to expand into the micro mobility market in the United Kingdom at a later date, pending government legislation on e-scooters which is due to be revealed in early 2022.