Sales: What Is A Call Center For

call center
Call centre agents talking on the headset in the office

If your business involves working with clients, then you cannot do without a modern Call Сenter.

A call center is a place where a huge number of incoming and outgoing phone calls are made. However, the employees of modern call centers answer not only calls but also work with emails, video files, backends, and Internet pages.

Today the work of such departments can be carried out in two formats: intra-office and outsourcing. The main task of the call center is to communicate with the clients of the company using the hotline. As a rule, specialists working in call centers deal with problems faced by customers, inform them about current promotions and offers of the company.

Main functions

Telephone conversations. A phone call is one of the ways to notify customers about new promotions and any changes in the company’s work. Moreover, you can get feedback from the clients and understand whether they are satisfied with your services or products.

Conducting a telephone survey. Using this method, you can compose a portrait of a potential client of the company. In addition, the call center can be equipped with an autodial system, which reminds regular customers of important events related to the company.

Telemarketing. Conducting presentations of a new product or service by phone. Despite the fact that most of the potential customers refuse to cooperate, this type of notification is very effective. Indeed, a commercial offer is immediately sent in the event that a potential client or partner is interested in it.

Hotline. Each client of the company can receive a specialist consultation at any time with the help of a multichannel system. Many contact centers work 24/7.

Effective performance

There are several necessities that must be met if you want your Call Center to work efficiently.

  1. Automation of phone calls. It will allow your employees to work productively with existing customers, sell new goods and services, and control the quality of work. The automated system works as follows: the client’s telephone number is dialed using a computer program. And after the call is taken, it is automatically transferred to an available operator.
  1. Complex management system. Certain programs are installed that independently generate all reports related to labor productivity in the company. They keep statistics of received and missed calls, the number of hours that the contact center agent spent at the workplace.
  1. A system for recording conversations between managers and clients. This system is installed to control the quality of customer service. The controllers record the emotional background of the conversation. Additionally, the system takes into account the presence in the operator’s speech of words-parasites, profanity, as well as speech patterns not provided for in the script. Such systems enable superiors to estimate the professional level of the contact center operator’s work, as well as to draw attention to significant shortcomings in the performance of a particular specialist.

Furthermore, to improve the professional competence of the contact center employees, you can organize a training process. For its implementation, you can invite experts who develop special educational programs and workshops.

Time is money

An intra-office call – center can be useful and helpful for small, developing companies. It should be noted that it is rather difficult to create your own well-functioning call center. Firstly, it will take a lot of time and funds to create a new department. Therefore, most large and developing companies cooperate with sales calls outsourcing.

They do this for a number of objective reasons:

  • there is no necessary technical equipment;
  • during the company’s activity it is essential to introduce a new mechanism for the contact center;
  • the company’s management does not want to deal with issues that are not directly related to the company’s activities.

It is for the performing of all these tasks the outsourcing is used. Outsourcing agency staff fully take the responsibility for organizing the work of the contact center. And fully ensure its functioning. Thus, the executives will relieve themselves of the extra duties and will be able to work more effectively on the creation of new products.