Moderne Raises $4.7M in Initial Seed Funding Round


Moderne, a Seattle, WA-based code automation company, raised $4.7m in initial funding.

The round was led by True Ventures with participation from Mango Capital,, GitHub CTO Jason Warner, Datadog co-founder and CEO Olivier Pomel, and Coverity co-founder and former CTO Andy Chou. 

The company intends to use the funds to:

  • drive further capabilities in its SaaS solution, which is currently in private beta with early adopters and design partners, and
  • expand its engineering team.

Founded to Jonathan Schneider and Olga Kundzich, Moderne provides a SaaS solution that accelerates software development by automating code migration and fixes across a company’s entire application stack and codebase. The company’s technology – based on OpenRewrite, a large-scale automated refactoring tool for code (initially Java) that Schneider developed while at Netflix – allows for full framework migrations like Spring Boot 1 to 2 and JUnit 4 to 5, security vulnerabilities fixes, and creates more building blocks that make authoring custom transformations easier. The company has also begun expanding into other languages other than Java starting with infrastructure-as-code with Kubernetes, YAML, and XML refactoring.