Major Advantages of ITOM (IT Operations Management) Adoption

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Due to the growing importance of the internet in the field of business, the adoption of systems that simplify IT management has become an essential part of any organization.

The importance of the IT department has increased dramatically over the course of the last decade, and it’s showing no sign of getting any less important.

One of the most revolutionary advancements in the IT field has been the development of ITOM, also known as IT operations management. This kind of management ensures that your business’s IT infrastructures, such as its servers and devices keep running smoothly and that everything is backed up, and that’s just the start.

Operations Management ITOM Increases Profits

One of the main advantages of a business adopting ITOM is that it allows them to perform better. As everyone knows, when a business performs better, then it will be able to benefit from additional profits due to superior configuration management and improved internal and external security.

Remember that a business is a vulnerable target for cybercriminals, and if you don’t manage your security properly, then your infrastructure components may be at risk. Along with the infrastructure itself, a lack of ITOM software will be sure to put you behind your competitors.

If your competitors have the tools needed to manage their business but you don’t, you’re sure to miss out.

Making the Customer Happier

Improving an organization’s networking and connectivity elements through proper ITOM will also ensure that the customer has a better experience. If you’re providing a tech-based service like SAAS, the consistency of the service that you provide can make you or break you.

ITOM allows you to manage the capacity performance and availability of your business without having to put an inordinate amount of effort into doing so. This is due to the difficulty of using traditional IT methods to tie together the disparate threads of your organization’s virtual presence.

Cutting Out Downtime

Operations management also plays a crucial role in reducing any downtime your organization may experience. If you aren’t available for your customers, then there’s a good chance that they’ll go elsewhere to find similar services to your own that they can be assured are more reliable.

ITOM software can ensure that your infrastructure is properly maintained using tools like performance monitoring. The challenges that you face can be much more easily managed when you have the right tools to monitor the critical processes that are keeping everything afloat.

Reducing Operational Costs

If you have an ITOM system in place to manage the provisioning capacity of your business, you can also ensure that you’re using everything to its fullest extent. Why invest in additional servers and cloud service providers when proper configuration management can maximize the amount that you get out of what you have.

Of course, a certain percentage of your business’s effectiveness can always be expected to be lost to entropy, but proper use of IT operations management (ITOM) can help ensure that you reduce that entropy to negligible levels. This will have the obvious goal of cutting down operating costs for your business.

Improve Employee Productivity

Implementing IT operations management (ITOM) in your business ensures that you can maintain an efficient help desk/service desk that can get your employees’ issues solved in no time. This will enhance your company’s productivity and your employees’ independence, as they won’t be quite as reliant on your IT team to fix issues.

This will optimize your capabilities as a business and ensure that you can deliver better results.

Improve Disaster Recovery Efforts

ITOM (IT operations management) can also help you ensure that your business is robust enough to survive any calamity that it might run into. In most cases, this comes in the form of either a severe data breach or failures of servers and backups at the same time (which is exceedingly rare).

However, even if this eventuality is rare, it helps to be prepared for the worst, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive data that your organization may not be able to get back. IT operations management (ITOM) can help ensure that everything is kept backed up according to a strict schedule.

Refocus Your IT Team’s Efforts

The improved asset management associated with ITOM implementation can also help increase the level of productivity that you get out of your employees, especially the IT team. This is typically done by improving the visibility of the processes that your business relies on to keep functioning smoothly.

Being able to monitor things and improve your service desk availability through automation will ensure that your IT team can be put to work on more productive projects. Think of it as a ship. Instead of having your IT team going around patching up leaks, they can further build up the ship while it’s underway.