Certificates From Jewcoin For Possession of NFT Hamsa For Israel’s Finance Minister

The fast-growing kosher ecosystem in the cryptocurrency marketplace JewCoin has awarded the first NFT Hamsa ownership certificates. One of the first holders of their Jewish NFTs was Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Last week, the JewCoin DAO team personally presented the Israeli Finance Minister with a certificate giving him the right to own one of the unique collection of NFT Digital Hamsa.

NFT JewCoin certificate for Avigdor Lieberman

The meeting was also attended by Inna Zilbergertz, CEO of NDI’s “Our House Israel” party, who also received the first NFT Digital Hamsa collection certificate from JewCoin.

NFT JewCoin certificate for Inna ZIlbergertz

JewCoin began its journey as a meme-based cryptocurrency. The concept has grown into a more serious, unique idea of archiving Jewish heritage and cultural values and tokenizing them using a blockchain.

Now JEW token it’s utility token acts as the main unit of account of the entire JewCoin ecosystem and gives and gives its holders voting rights (within the governance mechanism) to JewDAO. In addition, unlike most coins on the crypto market, it has the property of rug-pull stability, in which 5% of all transactions are returned to the liquidity pools to all holders of the coin and locked for 40 years!

Before JewCoin, no one had yet succeeded in wrapping Jewish Torah commandments in NFT, providing users with sacred digital items in a decentralized financial marketplace. The project’s main brainchild is a unique NFT collection that includes 613 Torah commandments. At the same time, JewCoin managed to launch other products to the NFT market, including Digital Hamsa crypto amulets, NFT Mezuzah, NFT Savivon, etc.

Also, the JewCoin DAO team plans to release a broader collection of NFT prayers, poems, songs, scriptures, stories, music, books, and more.

We should also note the fact that the entire tokenomics of JewCoin is based on the Jewish concept of tithing, in which the issue of JEW tokens is distributed at a rate of 10% for various tasks. And part of JewCoin’s working capital, in the form of 10%, goes to synagogues, supporting all Jewish people and in support of developing Jewish projects in the digital marketplace!