ResBiotic Raises $3M in Seed Funding


Resbiotic, Inc., a Bilmingham, Ala.-based biotech startup, raised $3M in seed funding.

The round was funded from a private equity syndicate led by Timberline Holdings. Braxton Goodrich (Timberline Holdings) will serve on the ResBiotic Board of Directors.

The company intends to use the funds for the development and commercialization of probiotic formulations for lung health.

ResBiotic is the flagship company of ResBiotech Innovation Institute, founded by physician scientist Dr. C Vivek Lal in 2020. ResBiotic’s first product, a medical food that targets the gut-lung axis, was developed in Dr. Lal’s Pulmonary Microbiome Lab at UAB with research and expertise from the university’s Microbiome Center, Lung Health Center and Translational Research in Normal & Disordered Development (TReNDD) program. The proprietary probiotic blend has been shown to reduce neutrophilic inflammation in individuals with chronic respiratory conditions. The company’s research and development pipeline also includes pharmabiotics for multiple chronic lung diseases.

In addition to the seed funding, Dr. Lal has established an elite leadership team including probiotics expert Scott Bush, who will serve as the Executive Vice President of Strategy, Birmingham based entrepreneur Dr. Sanjay Singh, UAB scientists Drs. Casey Morrow, Namasivayam Ambalavanan and James Mike Wells, who will serve on the initial Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Amit Gaggar, an internationally renowned pulmonary scientist and endowed Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at UAB, will serve as the Chief Medical Officer. Andrew O’Connor, an engineer and MBA from Harvard University, will lead operations as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

The company will be based at Innovation Depot.