Cumulus Neuroscience Raises £6M in Funding

Cumulus Neuroscience

Cumulus Neuroscience, formerly known as BrainWaveBank, a Belfast, UK – based provider of “real-world” clinical trial data and AI-powered insights, raised £6m in funding.

The round was led by the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF) joined by LifeArc, a medical research charity, and the UK Future Fund.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the development of CNS therapies.

Led by CEO Ronan Cunningham, Cumulus is a provider of “real-world” clinical trial data and AI-powered insights via an integrated biomarker platform co-developed with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

The company’s integrated solution is a platform capable of:

  • capturing frequent, longitudinal measurements of brain activity synchronously with a comprehensive range of functional and symptomatic domains outside of the clinic, and
  • providing insights, powered by AI techniques, to support clinical trial decision making and execution

This integrated platform, built on both proprietary expertise and partnerships with proven leaders in their field, remotely captures large amounts of real-world lab-quality data. Across the time-course of a clinical trial, mobile device-based assessments and simultaneous brain activity recordings track the full spectrum of drug mechanisms, neurophysiological functions, and patient symptoms, all in a user’s home.

Cumulus Neuroscience has developed a first-in-class home usable EEG headset that can objectively probe neuronal integrity, network connectivity and the strategies the brain uses to compensate for neuronal damage. Uniquely, these EEG signals are synchronised with mobile device-based functional assessments of 4 neurofunctional domains: cognition, mood, language, and sleep. The platform provides secure cloud-based data storage and a machine learning architecture to safely analyse composite behavioural, physiological, and functional data.