The Most Important Elements within Project Management Software

As a project manager, you need to develop a project plan, designate the scope of projects, and schedule everything in the tool. Given that, it’s important to select a project management tool wisely.

To truly gain from a project management tool you don’t only need to know how to operate it but also be сircumspective when picking one for your own use. In this infographic, we unfold some of the unique features of the best project management tools that make project management successful.

To obtain the best software for your team, assess which possibilities you require to manage your projects efficiently and effortlessly. To ascertain that you don’t leave some critical aspects unaddressed when shopping for new software, take a look at the indispensable features of project management tools.

So, here they are. 


All the features demonstrated above were taken from GanttPRO, a web-based Gantt chart maker used for professional project management. 

In GanttPRO you can find all the pivotal features for successful project management and a bit more. You can easily plan while creating dependencies, task hierarchies, and milestones; determining project calendar, and activating auto scheduling that will adjust everything when dependent tasks are changed. The software offers customizable options to work with tasks allowing for bulk changes and specifying priorities. 

GanttPRO features like critical path, baselines, and history changes help you to follow the state of affairs of the project and implement it as smoothly as it can be. It also possesses features that let you: 

  • assign tasks; 
  • log actions; 
  • bring in colleagues or add virtual resources;
  • set particular values and specific calendars for each of them and regulate their workloads. 

For easy time management, you have features that make it possible to:

  • keep track of deadlines; 
  • specify the duration for tasks or set the estimated time; 
  • follow up the time used for tasks by team members; 
  • create time log reports to track efficiency. 

Its elaborate collaboration functions will upgrade communication, making everyone aware of the things that are going on in the project. And since any collaboration requires trouble-free and quick sharing, in GanttPro you can also take advantage of export functions to save the charts in widespread formats like PNG and PDF, download project-related information in Excel, and share tasks instantly in print or electronic version.

Budgetary matters are among the most significant ones in most of the projects. In that respect, GanttPRO provides plenty of complex functions for costs and budget management. 

Overall, if you are on a hunt for a robust project management system, remember to examine which features it possesses. If your objective is to have all of the features that an outstanding project management system usually has, as well as an intuitive interface and uncomplicated onboarding, GanttPRO may be a great fit for you. There you will be able to create your first project and enjoy all the features in a matter of minutes.