Payment Provider Paysafe Announces New Board Of Directors


A prominent payment provider in the online igaming industry, Paysafe recently revealed a new board of directors, after the company changed from being a private to a public limited company.

This news comes following a merger with Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corporation who are a company that specialises in strategic purchases of businesses.

In the aftermath of the merger, this has led to the creation of a board that comprises of 11 personnel spearheaded by chairman Bill Foley. This will bring together decades of experience across banking, technology, payments, gaming, capital markets, merger and acquisition (m&a), plus legal and regulatory affairs.

One particular sector that could benefit considerably from this is the igaming industry, which over the last few years has seen a major shakeup with their payment technology.

A spokesperson from Neue Casinos highlighted how important this could be for online gamblers who like to use Paysafecard and what this could mean: “As far as this recent news goes, it will be interesting to see if there any new developments in terms of the technology from a user perspective.

“We are seeing new payment technology released all of the time, or existing ones improved to make it more efficient for the user. Especially in the online igaming industry, where there is an element of impatience from the customer, no doubt, a new board might bring fresh ideas.”

Who is the new chairman?

With over 30 years of experience as a board member across a number of different industries, [Bill] Foley is being seen as the perfect person to drive Paysafe forward. In addition, he has a considerable track record in building and maintaining shareholder value, as well as implementing and negotiating mergers and acquisitions, as exemplified by this most recent one.

It has to be said that Foley’s track record is impressive and is the founder of Fidelity National Financial Inc, while he has also held the position of Chairman of the board of directors of FNF since 1984, while he was also the Chief Executive Officer and President.

In addition, Foley has a B.S degree in engineering from the prestigious US Military Academy at West Point, and following this, he joined the US Air Force where he reached the rank of captain.

Other key personnel

Joining Foley on the board is Anthony Jabbour, who will play a key role in helping to drive Paysafe forward. Jabbour has a proven track record as a CEO and COO and fulfills the former role for Dun & Bradstreet who are a leading provider of business decisioning data and analytics, while he is also CEO of Black Knight Inc who supply the mortgage industry with integrated software, analytics and data.

Before he joined Black Knight, Jabbour was COO of Fidelity National Information Services, who are known as the premier fintech company in the industry.

Another influential member of the board is Dagmar Kollman, who is an experienced CEO in the investment banking sector with particular knowledge of m&a, as well as legal and regulatory issues. One of her key previous roles included being the CEO of Morgan Stanley AG in Frankfurt.