Angel Collective Opportunity Fund Launches

Co-founders Nick Candito and Sunil Pai launched Angel Collective Opportunity Fund (ACOF), an innovative investment platform dedicated to supporting great technology companies with strategic funding.  

The inaugural fund is composed of a hand-selected group of exceptional fund managers empowered to invest up to $50M into breakout startups.

ACOF is a new collaboration model that brings together the existing networks of top-performing investors, organized as a collective, while also maintaining the advantages of solo investing with the economic upside of a large follow-on vehicle.

The four fund managers named are Anthony Pompliano, Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and Pomp Investments; Cindy Bi, Founder and General Partner of CapitalX; Jens Lapinski, Co-founder and CEO of Angel Invest; and Sriram Krishnan, Founder and General Partner of Kearny Jackson.  

ACOF has invested in companies that raised $250 million in the first quarter
of this year including the likes of TaxBit, On Deck, and Boom Supersonic.
The portfolio potential has significant upside with plans to invest widely
across diverse themes including marketplaces, future of work, enterprise
could, AI, consumer social, and crypto.