5 TSX Venture Tech Companies For Canadians To Invest In


If 2020 was indicative of anything, it was of the capacity of people and businesses to quickly adapt. 

The changing landscape of businesses and social interactions meant that new ways to go about things had to quickly come into fruition. It is often under duress or great pressure that dramatic change can be affected, setting the stage for something new, better or different.  The tech sector has certainly been one to flourish as of late,  and what better a place to view the latest emerging technologies than on the TSX Venture Exchange? 

As opposed the to the traditional Toronto Stock Exchange, the Venture Exhange doesn’t operate on a “trading floor” and instead sees all trades done electronically.  In order to inform all interested parties of its best performing stocks, the Canadian exchange issues a list known as the TSX Venture 50. This list is subdivided into the following sectors: mining and technology, energy, diversified industries, and clean technology and life sciences. Below for your perusal are the top 5 performing tech companies on the TSX Venture 50.

5. Converge Technology Solutions (TSX:CTS)

Converge Technology Solutions is an ambitious multi-spoked solution IT company.  It’s consolidated its resources through a hybrid platform consisting of blockchain, multi-cloud,  resiliency, identity management and security and data centre solutions.  It has availed these services in Canada and the US to both public and private sector clients. In February 2021 Accudata Systems, an IT consulting and integration firm, became part of the Converge platform. By way of this acquisition, Converge can capitalise on Accudata’s well-established ties with tech titans like Cisco Systems and Microsoft.

4. Quisitive Technology Solutions (TSXV:QUIS)

Quisitive Technology Solutions’ affiliation with Microsoft as a cloud solution provider has seen it assist companies with Microsoft 365, Dynamics and Azure. In addition to being a Microsoft cloud solution provider, the company has also leveraged Microsoft’s technology stack to license propriety software.  Quisitive Technology has also created propriety solutions based on the SaaS ( software-as-a-service) model.

3. Bitfarms (TSXV:BITF)

Bitfarms doens’t just service the cryptocurrency market, it does so by way of hydropower, a form of renewable energy.  With five hydropower facilities situated in Quebec and Canada, Bitfarms provides its blockchain infrastructure services to a large segment of North America’s crypto-mining operations, including the likes of Bitcoin, and in late 2020 increased computing power through the deployment of 1,000 new Whatsminer M31S mining rigs. In February 2021 the company placed an order for another 3000. The correlation between USD and CAD is such, that at the time of writing, one bitcoin was equivalent to 60 439,60 USD and 75 799,12 CAD.

2. Bragg Gaming Group (TSX:BRAG)

Canada has long been a major draw-card for iGaming companies. One such company is the Bragg Gaming Group, known for its B2B online gaming solutions which includes the mobile, online and retail sector. Bragg Gaming is spearheaded by industry experts with a keen eye for the acquisition of leading brands. The company was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in January of this year.

1. Loop Insights (TSXV:MTRX)

Loops Insights is a company specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) by way of a propriety platform. The company caters to a broad spectrum of industries, including sports, entertainment, hospitality, casino and retail – to which it provides AI contactless solutions, contract tracing and automated marketing.  Loop’s portfolio of services is equalled by its international footprint with bases in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and the UK.