YishengBio Raises $130M in Series B Funding


YishengBio Co., Ltd., a Beijing, China-based fully integrated biopharmaceutical company, closed a US$130m Series B funding round.

The round was co-led by Oceanpine and OrbiMed. After completing the Series B funding round, the company’s institutional investors include: OrbiMed, Oceanpine, EightRoad, F-Prime Capital, 3W Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Adjuvant Capital, MSA Capital, AIHC, Epiphron Capital, Superstring Capital, Haitong International, etc.

This funding will support the expansion of the company’s R&D center, accelerate commercialization strategies including the clinical development of multiple vaccine candidates and the construction of biologics production facilities in┬áChina┬áand┬áSingapore.

Led by David Shao, CEO, YishengBio is engaged in discovering, developing and commercializing innovative biotherapeutics for cancers and infectious diseases using novel PIKA┬« immunomodulating technology. The company operates in┬áChina,┬áUSA, and┬áSingapore┬áwith over 500 employees. YishengBio’s YSJAÔäó rabies vaccine is the first alum-free lyophilized rabies vaccine launched in┬áChina. The rabies vaccine has been commercialized in┬áChina┬áand has served over 16 million patients for post-exposure protection against rabies.

With the PIKA immunomodulating technology platform, YishengBio has developed a series of new immune drugs and innovative vaccine products and has obtained over 60 patents for its PIKA immunomodulating technology across more than 30 countries and regions. Being able to accelerate post-exposure immune protection,

PIKA rabies vaccine has the potential to lead in the rabies vaccines market in the future. The product, cited as a novel vaccine by the World Health Organization and classified as a therapeutic biologics product by the China National Medical Products Administration, is planned to enter into its global multi-center Phase III clinical trial.

Other products in clinical development include YS-ON-001 for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, YS-HBV-001 for hepatitis B and PIKA YS-SC2-010, a prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine candidate against Covid-19 virus. PIKA YS-HBV-002 for chronic HBV and PIKA YS-ON-002 for solid tumor, among others, are product candidates in preclinical and discovery stages.

The company operates in China, USA and Singapore with over 500 employees.