Tekion Named as Integrated Technology Provider by FCA

Jay Vijayan was, until 2016, the Chief Information Officer of Tesla. Thus, he helped drive a reconsidering interaction with regards to what innovation could mean for a vehicle organization and the experience of its clients. As he suspected all the more profoundly, he distinguished methods for pressing together thoughts that were remarkably his own.

In 2016, he established Tekion, and he has been the organization’s CEO from that point onward. It has taken as of not long ago for the organization to totally rise up out of secrecy mode. The organization’s main goal is to disturb business as usual in the auto retail industry by giving a forefront cloud stage controlled by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.


Jay saw the desperate requirement for a stage that could take out fracture, get the best buyer encounters, empower more prominent operational efficiencies and benefit via consistently interfacing the three key partners in the environment – purchasers, vendor/retail administrators and the OEMs. By applying the best advances accessible, Tekion has assembled a cutting edge cloud-native platform with a client driven plan, basic natural work processes and personalization fueled by ML/AI and IoT.

“Today’s consumers receive outstanding personalised retail experiences from companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Disney. Why shouldn’t they expect the same in their vehicle acquisition and service needs? Tekion will be the trailblazer for enabling the modernisation of the entire customer journey and providing the best experiences, period,” Jay Vijayan, CEO, Tekion said.

A cloud-based platform, Tekion focuses on the care retail market.

Its recent appointment by FCA (original equipment manufacturer) will ensure that well-known vendors that distribute FCA brands can now use Tekion’s ARC (Automotive Retail Cloud) for their DMS supplies.


ARC is the swiftest cloud-based retail platform that has all the features of a DMS. ARC helps to improve the beginning to end process of car-retail including client experience. It is highly efficient for retailers through linking sellers, buyers and OEMs efficiently. Some FCA vendors have replaced their DMS vendors with Tekion at the pilot stage.

According to Phil Langley, Network Development Head of FCA for North America, Tekion gives dealers a new choice in their search for innovative ways to assist in sales and service in the markets and meet the expectations of clients.

The ARC process of Tekion has progressed rapidly by establishing itself with vendors across the US since its early foray in the third quarter of 2019. Later in October 2020, it’s Series C investment drive with Advent International helped to raise the company’s valuation to over $1B.

Tekion has brought ARC to the forefront that includes all aspects of a DMS (Dealer Management System). The transition was swift and offered an extensive DMS platform for Tekion once it forayed into the market with its top-notch dSE (digital service experience).

The Auto Retail Cloud is built with local cloud, state of the art development that helps to modernize the start to finish vehicle retailing and interface with customers, sellers and OEMs like never before.

With consumers getting exceptional retail experiences from brands like Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google, they would naturally expect the same high levels of customer experience when buying a vehicle. Tekion’s CEO Jay Vijayan believes that Tekion will be the trendsetter in modernization and offering the finest customer experience in the industry.

The platform design focuses on improving customer experience with Chennai being where all the IoT innovation happens.

The company was created in 2016 and offers the finest cloud-based business applications focused on the car retail market. Its ARC (Automotive Retail Cloud) links the dealer, buyer and the OEM seamlessly.

The company is at the forefront of adopting state of the art tech to reinvigorate buyer experience that includes ML/Ai and IoT. Tekion was created in Silicon Valley and works with 450 plus innovators across the world.

The company offers open APIs with vendors gaining access to info to improve their knowledge base that will strengthen their interaction with clients.

The head honcho Jay Vijayan was formerly the CIO of Tesla before starting his own company Tekion. In his former job was responsible for constructing the complete advanced data innovation structure. The headquarter of Tekion is based in Bangalore while its principal R&D happens in its Chennai office.

Jay has also worked with firms like VMware and Oracle before launching Tekion. The company started to bring vendors onboard to its ARC platform in the third quarter of 2019 and linked up with both sellers and producers.

Tekion offers a platform for larger sales capacity including a well secured information database accessible from anywhere.

The company has brought together some of the biggest automotive vendors in the country as its partners in 28 states and counting. The ARC of Tekion includes 17 OEM companies with the company targeting to bring onboard the remaining OEM vendors by the middle of 2021.