1910 Genetics Raises $26M in Seed and Series A Funding

1910 Genetics, a Cambridge, Mass.-based biotechnology company integrating artificial intelligence (AI), computation and biological automation to improve drug development, raised $22M in seed and Series A funding round.

The round was co-led by M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund and Playground Global. In connection with the company’s Series A financing, Samir Kumar, Managing Director at M12, and Jory Bell, General Partner at Playground Global, will be joining 1910 Genetics’ Board of Directors. This financing follows 1910 Genetics’ previously unannounced $4.1m Seed round, which was led by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and former President of Y Combinator, with participation from FoundersX Ventures, Y Combinator, Scientia Ventures, Emles Advisors, Tuck Lye Koh of Shunwei Capital, and other notable investors.

Led by Dr. Jen Nwankwo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 1910 Genetics integrates AI, computation and biological automation to accelerate the design of small molecule and protein therapeutics. The company combines AI-driven drug design with biological wet lab automation to increase productivity and decrease failure rates across the pharmaceutical R&D process. Using its multi-platform drug discovery engines – ELVIS™ and ROSALYND™- 1910 Genetics can generate more novel drug candidates, shorten the timeline, cut operational costs and increase the probability of success compared to traditional pharmaceutical methods. The company is currently applying its technology to drug discovery programs in several areas including, but not limited to, neuroscience, infectious disease, immunology and oncology.