SightGain Raises $1.7M in Seed Funding

SightGain, a Cincinnati, OH-based cybersecurity risk management platform provider, raised $1.7M in seed funding.

The round was led by DataTribe, a Fulton, Md.-based global cyber foundry that invests in and co-builds next-generation cybersecurity and data science companies. SightGain won the 2020 DataTribe Challenge in December which made them eligible for a seed investment of up to $2M.

The company will use the funds to continue to expand operations and its business reach.

Led by Christian Sorensen, CEO, SightGain provides a cybersecurity risk management platform that evaluates security readiness by testing how well both production systems and personnel detect and prevent actual malicious attacks.

The system tests and measures readiness using real-world attack simulations in a customer’s live environment. These results are used to make improvements across cybersecurity people, process, and technology. Once current readiness is tuned, SightGain combines emperic readiness data with business information and threat intelligence to build the business case to prioritize long term investments.




Danielle Ostrovsky
Hi-Touch PR
[email protected]