Nerd Street Gamers Raises $11.5M in Funding

Nerd Street Gamers

Nerd Street Gamers, a Philadelphia, PA-based national esports infrastructure company, raised $11.5m in additional funding.

The round, which brought total funding to approximately $25m, was led by Founders Fund.

Led by John Fazio, founder and CEO, Nerd Street provides a digital platform that offers competitive experiences like tournaments, camps and coaching, a Twitch Channel, where the company live-broadcasts its tournaments, and Localhosts, esports and gaming centers, closed for the majority of the past year due to the pandemic.

Nerd Street continued opening new Localhosts in Austin, Philadelphia and St. Louis in 2020. Over the course of the next year, the company is planning to open 20,000+ square foot regional Localhost facilities in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and is rolling out several Localhosts in collaboration with teen and tween-focused retailer Five Below.