Wondershare VidAir, How To Power Video Marketing Campaigns Online


Many popular video editors are quite expensive and too complicated, with endless tutorials and lessons required before you can use them easily and quickly, as editing videos can be something that can take years even to begin to learn.

A super easy-to-use online video platform allowing you to make some great, vibrant content quickly and efficiently is perfect for uploading to social media channels. YouTube is made possible with Wondershare that created VidAir.

Straightforward controls

The key to any video editor is how easy it is to use as it does no matter how powerful it might be if no one can use it. All of the most convenient features are buried beneath endless sub-menus and complicated keyboard shortcuts, as we said before.

To allow you easily reposition clips or design elements, getting everything into place without the need for a graphic design qualification even to understand what you are looking at with VidAir, by contrast, uses super-easy systems that use the drag-or-drop. You can go from nothing to a finished video in just minutes instead of taking ages even to start doing what you want is what. It means that you can go from nothing to a dead video in just minutes.

You will realize how much it unlocks your potential and lets you create more and more high-quality content without the need to set aside nearly as much time to do it once you are working that quickly.

Upgrade your video marketing

To promote your brand or product, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others all have preferred formats, timings, and file sizes to contend with as we all know what the big platforms are where you might be creating the video ads. To each of the platform, this is why it is so useful that VidAir offers templates and settings that are specific.

You do not have to worry about remembering to crop it into a square or to export it at the appropriate quality for the platform as it means that if you are creating a quick 30-second ad video posted on Instagram. When you select an Instagram video, all of this will happen automatically. For Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, the same is very real.

Superb templates

It has a massive library of superb templates that you can use to help you more quickly create your stellar content, which is the other part of the equation that makes VidAir so rewarding to use. Before selecting whichever one you think is right for your brand as you can browse them easily on the web.

You can get a complete look and feel for your video set right from the beginning with the ideal fonts and effects in place to set the mood while you insert your clips wherever they are required this way. You will soon find the templates that blow you away with their high-quality finishes and expertly-made timelines, as it is like a shortcut.

You still want to have loads of control over what goes in and how it looks with templates’ help to help you get started with videos quickly. To allow you to customize your videos on the fly, VidAir has a wide range of settings and features.

You can check out the VidAir website to see what you think if that all sounds like something you would be trying out. Wondershare has a fantastic sale that is running, making it a great time to sign up.