Mother Superior Launches Venture Foundry

Mother Superior

Mother Superior, a San Francisco, CA-baased Venture and Social Purpose Foundry, has launched its Venture Foundry.

Focused on early stage entrepreneurs, the Foundry’s novel approach to VC is designed with exponential success as a feature, and offers founders a full suite of services, operations, funding and long-term support.

Founders retain majority equity and generate opportunities for others as values-based investors in future social purpose ventures.

Led by CEO Jo Marini, Mother Superior is a venture and social purpose foundry, on a mission to elevate Everyday Founders and re-align brands with meaningful social purpose initiatives. The Venture Foundry aims to launch resilient and socially equitable businesses, expand economic agency and help the next generation of founders rise through annual 1% returns to the Everyday Founders Fund. This model will launch four new ventures in 2021 to include REYN, Minerva Minded, Darlings and a still-secret project.